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une petite image

by Lauren Moraca

a little picture

I’ve been racking my brain for something new and exciting for a DIY project, and haven’t been able to find that spark the last couple weeks. Finally, this morning I felt an urge to go to the dollar store, and it all came back.

One thing I love more than perhaps life itself is documenting it. Taking pictures is one of my favorite past-times, and of course, finding different ways of displaying them. In my Dollar Store Guide, I mentioned how their selection of picture frames is amazing (on a good day), and of course, they’re only $1. It’s the perfect source for something you want to tear apart and put back together again!

One of my favorite bloggers, Disney from (she’s actually named after the Disney channel, how cool is that?!?!),  inspired me with this project. I took it, and added my own little twist.

What you will need:

1. floral rocks, marbles, or seashells

2. glue gun

3. glue sticks

4. Dollar Store picture frame

My mom bought me this picture frame plus several like it to display our engagement photos back in 2008. Since then, they have housed wedding pictures and honeymoon pictures, including this one from our scuba-diving adventure in Maui (AMAZING, BTW). Because 5 Star Scuba wouldn’t let beginners take underwater cameras out to sea, this was the only picture of us in our gear, hence it’s a little boring. So, it was time to jazz up the frame!

First, I removed the backing, picture, and glass. Then, using my trusty glue gun, strategically started placing the floral rocks, starting in a corner. For this project, I glued as I went instead of laying the rocks out first. That way, they overlapped, stuck out, and gave the frame a more beachy feel. Trick about the glue gun: Hate those stringy afterthoughts? Hold the gun close to the attached piece, and wait until the glue cools before pulling the gun away. If you pull away while the glue is still hot, the strand just gets longer and finer, and more of a mess. This way, the “string” stays thick and snaps right off.

When I finished with the rocks, I felt my frame still needed a little something.

Wanting to add a sentimental honeymoon touch, I got out some shells from one of our Maui welcome necklaces that broke last summer. I had been saving them, thinking of making another necklace, but this project seemed perfect. A few pearl touches, and voila! A pretty picture frame.

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  1. you are amazing! i love this!

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