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orange you glad…

by Lauren Moraca

In order to persuade Mother Nature to let it be summer, I decided to make an offering. Something springy, earthy, and yes, orange.

I’ve had this pair of orange flip-flops for over three years, and have yet to wear them more than twice in that time period. To make them a bit more “special”, I recycled my Valentine-Dollar-Store-orange-Gerbera-daisies, and super-glued them to the straps.

Yes, I said super glue. I tried hot glue, but with one step the flowers detached from my feet and were flung across the room! Be sure to be extra careful with super glue, cover your workspace with plastic and follow the directions. Mine said to add glue to both parties, let the glue sit for 30 minutes, then attach.

Alas, super glue takes 24 hours to set. Can’t wait to take these girls out for a spin! Enjoy!

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