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S&BB Accessories and More!

by Lauren Moraca
Accessories + Shelly = Super fun afternoon!

When Shelly Bort announced that she needed a blond to help launch her new line of bridal accessories, I (reluctantly) raised my hand. Little did I know it would be SO MUCH FUN helping out the mother/daughter duo and trying my own hand at subtle facial expression.
S&BB is the duo mother/daughter team that is Shelly and Barbara Bort. Both women are well known in the Modesto area as professional music teachers and performers, but few would know they are the keepers of multiple creative talents, such as crocheting, sewing, and overall fashion-y creative-ness! It’s amazing what these women can do with yarn, a yard of fabric, silk flowers and satin ribbon.
What’s the story behind S&BB the name?
Well, its simply our names, and I thought it was cute. S for Shelly & BB = Barbara Bort.:)..I wanted to add the “Accessories and Such” part because I didn’t want to stick JUST to accessories. I wanted to start with hair bows and purses, and branch all the way out to house wares and blankets, and clothes. That’s within the next year. :)
What inspired you to make accessories?
I was going to be in town for awhile, and I needed some money. I applied everywhere that said they were hiring, and not a single place called me back. C’est la vie when all you can do is music.:) So I decided that, as always, if I wanted a job, I was going to have to create one for myself, like I did with my theatre company Shelly Bort Presents.
Can you tell me about your favorite things?
In our store, definitely the Rainbow Half-Hat. I’m obsessed with it. I wear one all the time. It’s huge, andI can’t live without it. I have favorites on every page, but that one keeps sticking out in my heart. Favorites in GENERAL- are people who use correct grammar, good spelling, polite people, road trips, people who can lighten my mood when I’m upset without belittling what I’m going through, and obviously- spending time with friends.
What brings you joy?
Oops! I think I just answered that. :)Well, here’s one I left off the above list – my dogs. Foxy and Juniper. They are – literally – my reason for living. The last 2 years have been the hardest years of my entire life, the last 8 months – down right excruciating. My dogs and this business were the only things that got me out of bed for awhile. Sometimes, not even out of bed. I would create the web pages FROM bed, and the dogs would sleep with me all day. It was bad. But my dog juniper does this thing that really inspires me. Every time we leave our room to go downstairs, even if we were JUST down there and only came up for a MOMENT, she JUMPS all the way down the hallway like she’s embarking (bark, ha ha) on the most exciting adventure anyone has ever known. I’ve watched her do that every single day for a year, and it just fills my heart every time. It really helped me get over myself and focus on moving forward instead of whatever was keeping me down back in that room. Jump forward with excitement and glee. It’s the only way to live.
What’s your favorite part about the design process?
Honestly, my favorite part is execution. I LOVE building products. It’s tedious, hard and back and finger breaking (and bleeding) sometimes, but i’m CREATING. Other than music, designing our accessories has become my favorite work.
Any other tidbits?
I’d say, if you can’t get work (like SO many people in this world) STOP sitting at home complaining about how you can’t get work, and go MAKE work. I’ve done that since i was 17 years old. There’s so many things you can be doing. We all have talents. Figure out what yours is, and ATTACK it. Market it, and put it out into the world. Work your butt off and you will touch lives. It doesn’t matter if it’s care giving, piano lessons, making hair bows or saving the dolphins. It will MATTER to SOMEBODY. And if we all take a little bit better care of each other, we’ll all be jumping down the hallway with glee like Juniper, ready for the greatest adventure of our lives – simply being us. ♥
Thanks Shelly for the inspiring interview! Please take a moment to browse S&BB by clicking here, or visit Shelly’s blog here. Enjoy all the lovelies!
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  1. sbort says:

    lauren, it turned out beautifully. i ended up placing my hand over my heart at the part about juniper :) thank you for including that. im so excited to work together more :) this was lovely! thank you! <3

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