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Our Wedding

Lauren and Brian Moraca were married August 1, 2009 at Our Lady of Assumption in Turlock, CA. The reception was held at Seasons in Modesto, CA.

We would like to thank everyone who participated and helped out with our special day. A special thanks to our parents, our maids of honor, and especially Father John Galvin, who came all the way from the Solomon Islands to perform the ceromony. We are so thankful that everything was so personal to our family.


Our Story


Although our lockers were right next to each other throughout all four years of high school, never a thought about each other emerged until the middle of senior year.

After two years in New York for college at Fordham University, Brian returned to California to be with Lauren. Although they could survive the long distance, and had two years of experience to prove it, he decided he would rather spend the time with her in person than over the internet.

Now, 6 1/2 years later, they are finally getting hitched! The countdown has begun, and the happy couple can’t wait to share that day with friends and family.


The Proposal
~Told by Lauren~

Brian suggested we spend the day in San Francisco for my birthday. He bought tickets to Chorusline, and made reservations for Morton’s Steak House. Or so I thought!

We spent the day in San Fran, shopping, saw the show, and hung out until our reservation time at the resturant. At Morton’s, I experienced the most unforgetable and expensive meal of my life.

Brian had been dropping hints for weeks, but I didn’t let myself get my hopes up. This pattern of behavior had happened before, and I had ended up disapointed every time. Because I was so diligent, I was not even compreheding the chance that he was actually serious this time. Right before dessert, he said lately he had been wondering what kind of ring to get me. Totally unphased, I said “Uh-hu”, thinking he was going to talk about styles and prices AGAIN. Instead, he held out a HUGE diamond ring and said “What about this one?”

He had carried the ring around in his pocket all day without me noticing. The ring is georgous, everything I anticipated. As stereotyped, everyone knew except me, and my mother and sister kept texting each other all day in anticipation. I made them wait until we were heading home after the trip on BART. I’m so happy to have found a wonderful man who loves me shamelessly.


The Wedding Party

The Bride

Lauren Elise Hosmer


Lauren is a native of Modesto and has a soft spot for Broadway. She grew up in the same house in the same neighborhood throughout her childhood, and can’t wait to bring her own children to visit “Grandma’s House”. She loves to travel and perform, and was an active member of Sigma Alpha Iota, the women’s music fraternity, throughout college. Lauren graduated from CSUS in May, 2008 and recieved her multiple subject teaching crednetal in February, 2010. She is currently working for the Aspire Charter School system as an After School Educator.

The Groom

Brian Timothy Moraca


Brian was born in Niagra Falls, NY, and his family moved to the central valley when he was five. He is a die-hard Yankees fan and looks forward to baseball season every year. He moved back to New York for the first two years of college at Fordhan University, but came back to finish his degree at CSUS. He works for Adtech computers as a salesman and networking engineer, so if you need a computer, give him a ring!

Maids of Honor

Molly Hosmer (Lauren’s Sister)

Molly Hosmer

“Sisters, sisters, never were there such devoted sisters!” They’ve shared, shopped, and screamed at each other. What else are sisters for? Molly attends CSUS like her dear sister and brother, and has been working at GameStop for the last two years where she is the fistey female collegue.

Roberta Inscho (Lauren’s Friend)


Since they met in junior high, Lauren and Berta have been more like sisters than friends. Roberta brought up their first conversation during the toasts at the wedding. Berta recieved a hideous haircut and Lauren said it looked good to make Berta feel better. They’ve giggled into the night, celebrated their successes, and cried over losses together. Lauren’s parents have always been Mom and Dad to Berta, and every conversation ends with “Love you!” A graduate of CSU East Bay, Roberta put herself through college and received a degree in drama. The entire Hosmer family is so proud.


Kellie Guzman (Lauren’s Friend)


At first, Kellie wasn’t sure about having Lauren the Sophomore as a roommate. But they soon became fast friends and have stayed in touch since Kellie graduated from CSUS in June, 2005. Kellie recieved a B.S. in Marine Biology, and currently works at a vet clinic in Reno. A native of Reno, NV, Kellie has been devoted to keeping up with wedding plans and travels many hours to help out. Her mom Barbara travels with her, and has become a big part of the event as well.

Anna Hicks (Lauren’s Friend)

Anna Hicks

If Lauren had hever chosen to take MATH 1030 over, she never would have met Anna Banana. Lauren knew Anna was an exceptionally kind person when Anna saw The Mikado opening night just to support her. They had only known each other a month. That next year, Anna invited Lauren to live in the dorms with her, and they have stayed good friends ever since. Anna graduated with Lauren in May, 2008 with a degree in Liberal Studies and got married a month later. She has been extremely helpful with wedding plans. It was at her wedding that Lauren and Brian fell in love with Our Lady of the Assumption.

Alexandra Moraca (Brian’s Sister)


Also known as “Butty”, Alex has been Brian’s favorite since she was brought into this world. A Junior at Thomas Downey High, Alex is trying to figure out what she wants to be when she graduates and pick her dream college.

Junior Bridesmaid

Lily Wayne (Lauren’s Friend)


Lauren has been babysitting her neighbor Lily since she started crawling. She plays flute and is in fourth grade. She’s the only girl in the family, and enjoys sleepovers with the Hosmer girls. Basically, a girly girl all the way! Her mother said she has never seen her daughter so excited to be in this wedding!


Christopher Moraca (Brain’s Brother)

Christopher is a junior at Thomas Downey High School and enjoys playing the electric bass.

Max Hosmer (Lauren’s Brother)


Lauren wasn’t the jealous type when Mom and Dad brought Max home from the hospitol. On the contrary, when they were sharing a room, Lauren would climb into his crib to comfort Max when her parents didn’t respond fast enough! Max is a Senior at CSUS working on vocal performance degree, and will be attending the Vocal Arts Symposium at Colorado Springs this summer.


Kelsey Ramos (Lauren’s Friend)


As a little old lady would say, Kelsey and Lauren go way back. Lauren’s mom was Kelsey’s social worker when the Ramos family adopted her and her sister from Korea. Their mothers have remained great friends, and the two families made their happy way through the Thomas Downey HS Choirs together. Kelsey graduated from UCLA in 2009 and got a job doing cool nerdy web work for the Los Angeles Times. She met the love of her life (a gentleman named Andy who hails from the upper peninsula of Michigan) in March 2010 and is marrying him in March 2011.

Laura Cremer (Lauren’s Friend)


Another friend from the Downey Knightengales, Laura cremer might seem reserved, but watch out! A vegan, Laura is famous for hosting the annual Christmas Party Bash, dropping in during Concert in the Park, and calling her black nails “olives”. Laura is enjoying the sweet life at San Luis Obispo, and is finishing up her 4th year in their 5-year environmental engineering program.

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